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Lunar Phase Calendar
Technical Specification

Ingress - Moon entering sign of Aquarius

Lunations - Full and New Moons

Moon Calendar times apply world-wide.

Calendar design by Mick Soar, Magnet Cards designed by Karen Chiarello & celestial products supplied by Equinox

The EQUINOX Lunar Calendar shows the phase of the moon for every night of the year. The last moon shown in each month (for 24:00 GMT on the last day) is pictured again at the top of the next month's column (for 00:00 GMT on the first).

The Moon Calendar works anywhere in the world.

Due to the changing profile of the Moon, there are separate versions for Northern and Southern Hemisphere). To find the exact times of Full Moons and other phenomena, you must allow for the time zone you are in. Like an astrological ephemeris, all the times on this calendar are GMT [Greenwich Mean Time] aka Universal Time.

In a tropical month the Moon transits all 12 signs

The Moon always moves forward through the zodiac, spending a bit more than two whole days in each sign. This lunar cycle includes all 12 signs in one 'tropical month' of on average, 27.3216 days!

The Calendar Month versus the Synodic Month?

The average time from one Full Moon to the next is 29.5306 days (a "synodic month") which is about one day less than the average calendar month, and this is why the pattern on the calendar slopes upward to the right. This pattern continues if you put calendars for successive years side-by-side.

Moon Phases and Life on Earth

Many traditional festivals are scheduled using the phases of the Moon. The tidal pattern of the sea is linked to the Lunar phases. Some gardeners, farmers, and others working closely with nature consider that the moon's phase affects the growth of plants. Many people believe that it has a close connection with patterns of human behaviour. Click here for more information about Lunar Lore...

Moon Voids

What is a blue moon?

How astrology and the lunar calendar featured on a popular TV series: Midsomer Murders.

Map of Web Site: astrology.co.uk

Lunar Calendar Information

    The Lunar Calendar includes the following:

  • The Full Moon, New Moon and first and last quarter Moons (when the Moon is half full!)
  • When the Moon changes from one zodiacal sign to the next. There is a key to the symbol for each sign at the bottom of the calendar. For instance, the Moon moving into the sign of Aquarius is indicated by the Aquarian symbol, with the time printed next to it, using the 24-hour clock.
  • When the Sun changes signs - known as Solar Ingresses. These include the Spring and Autumn Equinox and the Summer and Winter Solstice. [Shown at the bottom of the calendar]
  • The exact dates and times when the planet Mercury is travelling retrograde and direct during the year.
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