Lunar [Revolving Moon] Lore

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The Moon... our closest body in space. In a world where so much is determined by the power of the Sun, it is easy to dismiss the more subtle impact of the Moon. Whether you like or not, the influence of the Moon on life on Earth comes under the realms of the ancient system of knowledge known as astrology.

Here's some evidence, thoughts, theories, and folklore about the effects of the lunar cycle.
  • The Moon and natural phenomena
    • The link between the Lunar Cycle and the oceanic tides is well established. In a strict sense tidal motion does not respond directly to the gravitational pull of the Moon but follows a pattern of resonance. This resonant pattern has been set in motion by the gravitational effect of the orbiting moon on the rotating earth over a long period of time.

  • The Moon and plants and animals
    • Marine biologists1 on the Australian Barrier Reef informed me that coral mates at the full moon.
    • Herbivores ovulate around the Full Moon. The world's leading expert on deer states that the height of the deer rutting season occurs around two full moons. One of the two will be the Leo Full Moon. (late July - late August)
    • Migratory Birds appear to follow the patterns of the moon for timing and finding their path of migration. Zoologists in Alaska noticed that animals: bears, caribou, salmon moved at the Full Moon.
    • An expert3 on animal behaviour reported that his hamsters turned their wheels 'more dizzily' during the full moon.
    • Game birds tend to return to certain locations at the time of the Hunter's Moon 4.
    • Studies2 into healing revealed that the full moon amplified the electrical charge in living cells. A sensitive voltmeter, he had attached to a tree picked up a faint electrical force. However, at the time of the full moon, this force soared upward on the scale.

  • The Moon and Agriculture
    • The Harvest Moon4 occurs in late summer [at or after the autumnal equinox]. Farmers and farm workers would take advantage of the additional hours of light and work through the night in order to complete the harvest.

  • The Moon and our Time-table
      Many Religious and Traditional Festivals are scheduled in line with lunar phases.
    • The Chinese New Year is celebrated on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice.
    • Easter Sunday is the first Sunday on or after the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox.

  • The Moon and weather
    • The Moon is thought to influence the formation of tropical hurricanes.
    • The connection between the full moon and frost is so well established that it affects investment patterns. For example, investors5 on the world commodities exchanges go long of coffee futures around the winter full moons in Brazil.

  • The Moon and emotional weather
    • Air stewards6 report that passengers on aircraft flights are more difficult to handle and there are more incidents at the full moon.
    • Modern investigations into human bio-rhythms have discovered that their emotional cycle ties in with the 28 day lunar cycle.

  • The Moon and Birth
    • Female reproductive cycles respond to the lunar cycle.
    • Medical staff7 report that women who have already had children are significantly more likely to give birth on the day of the full moon.
    • Fertility expert, editor of Correlation Journal and astrologer, Dr Pat Harris' initial research into 114 IVF treatments found that astrology, clinic location, and family history (reproductive health problems) all had significant associations with success and failure of outcome. She concluded that her research supports the association of the Moon along with the positions of Venus and Jupiter with fertility and an increased likelihood of having children. [see]

  • Health around the Full Moon
    • A research team8 at Leeds university found a significant increase in visits to medical practices for consultations after the full moon.
    • Doctors9 report an increase in epileptic seizures and bleeding ulcers at the time of the full moon.

  • The Moon and Madness
      The association between the Lunar phases and mental illness is legendary.
    • The word lunatic comes from the Latin word Luna for Moon.
    • In Britain, the 1824 Lunacy Act stated that people were liable to go mad when the Moon was full.
    • Research10 found a dramatic rise in admissions to psychiatric hospitals in New York on days of the full Moon.
    • Arson attacks10 increase by 100% at the time of the full moon. However, arson also rises when there is a drop in the atmospheric pressure, which may also be connected with the phases of the moon11.
    • A higher number of mental patients become highly disturbed around the time of full moon12.

  • Murder and the Full Moon
    • According to a US study10, murders - many apparently motiveless - trebled around the time of the full moon.
    • Author, Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was inspired by the true story of Charles Hyde. Hyde committed a host of 'chilling deeds' at the time of the Full Moon.
    • Various studies12 have shown that suicide rates are higher around the full moon.

  • The Moon and Accidents
    • Alcohol consumption rises10 at the start and end of the lunar cycle. More drunk drivers, more crashes and more hangovers occur at this critical time. It's hard to know if the astrological connection between the Moon and liquids or the Moon and emotions is the root cause.
    • At the time of the full moon, hospital accident and emergency units see about 10% more patients13. 80% of casualty nurses and 64% of doctors believe the moon adversely affects patient behavior.
    • Crimes of violence increase at the full moon14.

More about the Moon and lunar tables from well-known, British consultant astrologer, Deb Houlding.. In addition David McMinn has identified persuasive correlations between stock market crashes and the Sun/Moon cycle. [See his email comments or visit his site for a more detailed explanation.] If you have some lunar lore you'd like to share or for more information about the Lunar Calendar, please contact me.

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    Nowadays, a 'blue moon' is the name given to the second full moon appearing in a single month. This phenomenon occurs roughly every two and a half years when a calendar year includes 13 full moons. As this does not occur monthly like a full moon, the expression 'once in a blue moon' is used to refer to an event that occurs infrequently.
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