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Credit Card Security: Transactions are completed in a separate secure payment gateway. Or if you prefer we can send an invoice (paypal) or if you request it, we can call you for credit card details over the telephone or you can telephone our office directly.
Data Protection: All data sent to us is treated in strict confidence. Since 1981 Equinox has built up a large number of regular clients include many public figures and we aim to keep it that way. Your data is retained by the company and not sold to third parties without your permission.
Time of Birth: Please use local time (as displayed on the clock). If you don't know your time of birth it's not advisable to guess. Though slightly shorter in length the Equinox Flat Chart (without time of birth) is more accurate than one where the time of birth is out by more than 90 minutes. Some charts like Astro*Carto*Graphy require a time of birth to within 30 minutes. Contact us if you would like to know more about this as each situation is different
Forecasts start on the nearest 1st of the month. Please add a note in the comments box (on the final page of the order form) if you would like a forecast to start on 1st of an alternative month or year.
Order Confirmation: After you submit your order, you will see your order confirmed on screen and within minutes you should receive an automatic confirmation by email. If you wish to alter your order, you should reply to the confirmation email immediately.
Shipping & Handling: Postage and packing rates: 2.50/US$3.50/Aus$6.50 per package, (no matter how many items) dispatched by air-mail to any destination in the world. Some items (Calendars) have to be shipped in separate packages and the price will be adjusted. Items that can be delivered on-line do not incur additional postage charge if on-line delivery only is requested.
Dispatch world-wide by First Class Mail (or Online Delivery): Once one of our team has checked your order(s) manually and the details are complete, we will prepare and dispatch the charts by first-class airmail in hardback envelopes or deliver on-line within 24 hours. The time of arrival will depend where you are located in the world. On-line delivery arrives within 24 hours. According to your locality mailed items are shipped from Florida [USA], Melbourne [Australia] and the UK - so allow 3-5 working days. With some charts and in some less regulated locations (e.g. Nigeria or Mexico where post takes up to 3 months if you are lucky!), we may request that for a small additional fee the charts are sent by Swift Air - which enables us to track the package.

Character Portrait 24 $35 A$55
Year Forecast 28 $45 A$65
Combination of Character
& Year Forecast
42 $70  A$95
Child Profile 24 $35 A$55
Compatibility Profile 26 $45 A$55
Chart Wheel
9 $15  A$18
A*C*G Map Kit 26 $35 A$48
3 City Analysis 26 $35 A$48
Combined Map &
3 City Analysis
44 $60 A$80
Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy
[Book] by Jim Lewis 12 $22 A$24
A*C*G Analyis has an option to commission the astrologer to add individual comments on places & select places if required.
Click for extended multi-lingual option order form
Astrology DVD presented by Liz Greene
18 $26 A$39
Lunar Calendars
[per calendar]
7.50 $13 A$17
Order form lists volume discount options on Calendars
Moon Calendar
Metal Hanger
10 $14 A$13
Lunar Phase
Fridge Magnet/Card
6.00 $7 A$8
Zodiac Cards
with Fridge Magnet
5 $6 A$7
Consultation with

30 minutes
42.50 $65 A$100
Post/Shipping Guide
Depends on items
2.50 $3.50 A$6.50
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