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Astrology is a way of improving the quality of your life. Through your birth chart, you will come to know your unique place in the universe and in doing so, you can better understand yourself, your relationships and aspirations. You may sense that you know who you are, but you don't know who you can become. Everyone has room to grow in consciousness. Self-knowledge enables you to act with greater confidence and to be more effective. It enables you to tolerate others and yet recognize your most fulfilling relationships and life paths.

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Surely this is just about "my sign" of the zodiac?
How do you differ from a "stars" column in the media?

Unlike newspaper 'star signs' which are generalisations based only on one part of the overall chart, an Equinox Horoscope analyses all ten planets in your chart by Sign, House and angular position to each other, taking into account the date, exact time (if known) and place of your birth.

Can you predict the future?
Why would I want to know the future?

Astrology is not about predicting the future! It is more valuable than that. Like a 'map' of your potential, your Horoscope can indicate alternative routes, shortcuts and destinations and by integrating these with your moods and energies can give you the knowledge and confidence to make your own decisions and choices.

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What if you don't know your time of birth?

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