Equinox Compatibility Horoscope Profile

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Compatibility Profile

No Expertise required

The Compatibility Profile can be understood by anyone. It is not cluttered with astrological jargon.

Symbols listed

For those who like to be kept informed and the astrology enthusiast, symbols in the form of planetary glyphs are discretely placed in the margin. A key to the symbols is included on the back of the cover.
Warning! Before giving the Compatibility Profile as a gift for a couple like a Wedding Present, check with them first. Astrology can challenge some people's personal beliefs. Two Character Portraits might be a better present if they are new to astrology.
The Equinox Compatibility Profile Horoscope explores the potential for a loving relationship between two people through a comparison of each person's unique horoscope.

The Benefits of a Cosmic Examination of your relationship.

Whether you need an additional perspective before taking important partnership decisions; or if you'd like to enrich the quality of a relationship or maybe you're simply curious to discover what astrology has to say about the two of you, this detailed personal document will prove to be a fascinating and helpful resource. Understanding the subtle undercurrents at work when you are together, inspires trust, can promote or restore love and helps keep you together.

From key themes to interaction on a psychological level.

Besides the central theme of love, this relationship horoscope also covers mental rapport, sexual attraction, the ability to stand the test of time, friendship, financial and life-style aspirations. It even addresses some of the more unusual experiences that only occur when you are together. In addition there is a close look at the interaction of the psychological and emotional make-up of the two of you.

Synthesised Analysis designed & written by Astrologer

The synthesised relationship analysis is written by astrologer, Robert Currey. Robert uses the time-honoured astrological technique of comparing two birth charts known as Synastry.

Note: Feedback from customers above includes comments on Equinox Personal Horoscopes in general.

Compatibility Profile:

Astrological Analysis
Relationship Potential
Partnership Horoscope
Format: Booklet
Binding: Perfect
Avg. Pages: 16
Author: Robert Currey
  • Dates of Birth
  • Places of Birth
  • Times of birth (if known)
Equinox Personal Horoscope
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