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Table showing times when the Moon is void of course.
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When is the Moon void of course? It is the period after the Moon has made its last major aspect to a planet but before it has entered the next sign. It is a strange period, when anything decided, arranged, fixed, agreed upon, fails to materialise in the manner anticipated at the time. Traditionally it was used by horary astrologers as an indicator that the answer to the question asked when the moon was void was that 'nothing will come of it.' However the 'void' is a phenomenon that (to the surprise of astrologers and sceptics) appears to work in an extraordinary way in real life. Typical events that occurred in the void were:
  • The UK Grand National Horse race in 1993 that was for the first time in its illustrious history declared 'null and void'
  • The wedding of Andrew and Fergie - Duke and Duchess of York in 1986.
  • US Election 2000 (led to an impasse between Bush and Gore)
  • US Presidential inauguration on January 20th 2009 (Due to errors in the wording of the oath of alleigance, Obama was sworn in at a second ceremony without a Bible the next day.)
In all cases (and many others) these were major events whose outcome was different from what was expected by masses of people involved.
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