Key Resources

Astro22 Professional Computer Astrology V6 [Peter Whalen] Astrological software designed to produce colorful, personalized presentation charts. [Hereford, England]

AstroQuick [Daniel Vega] Astrology software for Macintosh - simple and easy to use AstroQuick Light, AstroQuick Basic plus shareware.[Paris]

AstroGraph Software [Henry Seltzer, Santa Cruz, CA] TimePassages astrology is software for your Macintosh or Windows computer that is easy to use and fully interactive.
StarMessage - moon phase screensaver [Michael Ioannides] View the moon phases and write your name in the stars of the night sky# [Thessaloniki, Greece]

World of Wisdom [Adrian Duncan] Range of easy-to-use and inexpensive astrology programs plus fun astro quiz. [London, England]

Russian Astrological Software Astrological Software from Russia - [Vladimir Wolf]Modern Russian astrology software for professional & amateur astrologers. Descriptions & demo versions of the most popular Russian packages: Almagest, Uranus, ADB-Prof and Star. [Moscow, Russia]

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