Key Resources

Universal Lunar Calendar ... Moon Phases etc Universal Lunar Calendar [Alexander Kolesnikov] Moon Phases, Moon Signs, Moon Void of Course, Lunar Days for the whole year.Your Moon Sign Online Moon Sign calculation and description. [Glasgow, UK]

Celestial Forecaster by Annie Bones Home Page Celestial Forecaster [Annie Bones] Offers a daily, easy-to-understand interpretation of the major planetary alignments. Good for beginner or veteran. [Victoria, Canada]

Fallon Astro Graphics [Astrid Fallon]Tools for Astrology, annual colour ephemeris and diary. [Sheffield, UK]

Moon Sign Calendar interactive Moon Sign Calendar interactive [Rainer Kasberg] Timing with the moon for more than 150 activities, moon sign calculation, lose weight with the moon's help and more. [Berlin, Germany]

The Astrology Kit [Sheila Stokes] A simple way to acquire the mysterious art of astrology to guide your life. [Brisbane, Australia]

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