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Astro Live Link: Chat to a Live Astrologer Astro Live Link: Talk to a live professional astrologer now! Astrologers are selected and approved by the Astrological Association of Great Britain. [London, England plus US & Australian offices]

Erin Sullivan Erin Sullivan [Erin Sullivan] - World renowned professional astrologer, consultant, author, astrocartographer and speaker. [Taos, NM, USA]

Astrology reading in fine art astrology book An astrology reading in a fine art astrology book. [Carl Woebcke] A personalized, fine art astrology book combining mythology, astronomy & your complete astrology reading - - a unique gift! [San Rafael, CA, USA]

Astro Consulting Astro Consulting [Edmond Wollmann] Astrological Consulting specializes in private counseling with astrology utilizing the point of view that we create our reality as the product of our definitions and beliefs. Also Altair Publications.[San Diego, CA, USA]

Adam Fronteras, astrologer Astro Marketing [Adam Fronteras] Astrologer, psychic and author of Tarot publications & Family Sun Signs. Adam uses his metaphysical skills in recruitment and management consultancy. [Rochester, Kent, UK]

Richard Hills, consultant astrologer Richard Hills [Richard Hills] In-depth astrology consultations (birth charts) for individuals, couples and parents for children, in person or by telephone. [London, UK]

Debbi Kempton-Smith Topquarkia [Debbi Kempton-Smith] - Debbi, author of "Secrets of a Star Gazer's Notebook" really is a great astrologer and writer. You will find her unique style hilarious. [Manhattan, NY, USA]

Shadow Dance from Rebeca Eigen Shadow Dance & the Astrological 7th House [Rebeca Eigen] Jungian astrologer, Rebeca helps reveal repetitive patterns in relationships through lectures, consultancy, tapes and reports. [Houston, TX, USA]

Sirius Connection [Beth Summers] Astrologer & metaphysician - Soul teacher, 20 years healing and counselling Experience. Beth is also trained in Reiki, hypnotherapy and herbal medicine. [England]

Douglas Parker Astrologer [Douglas Parker] 25 years experience reading: horoscopes (birth charts); past events: future predictions; compatibility between people. [Melbourne, Australia]

Astrological Relocation Astrological Relocation [Cait Benten] Relocates your natal chart to the places where the aspects work to your best advantage! Life-changing, life-affirming, cassette-taped and/or phone sessions with a caring professional who has worked with people from all walks of life for over 20 years. . [Austin, TX, USA]

Real Life Astrology [Robin Manteris] Asteroid astrology readings to fill in the details of your astrology chart. [Lafayette, CO, USA]

Astrolocation Net [Laurent Cogez] uses many years experience in personal location astrology, to help find the best places on earth to pursue your dreams.[Repton, NSW, Australia]

Nancy Kahn's Astrology Astrology for Living [Nancy Kahn] Nancy specialises in healing through psychological astrology, past life regression and hypnotherapy. Classes & tapes available. [Seattle, WA, USA]

Star Cat Mascot ImageStarcats Astrology For A New Millennium[Claudia Dikinis]. In-depth on America's War on Terrorism, Astro-politics, Global and Personal horoscopes, World Predictions, Resource and Teaching centers. [Santa Monica, CA, USA]

Astrologer Terry Nazon [Terry Nazon] 2006 Forecasts! Weekly Horoscopes, Monthly Horoscopes, Predictions and much More. Your place to Get Names, Dates, Times, & Places!(TM). [Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA]

Astrology and More... An "educational, informational astrology web site" includes personal astrological and psychic consultations plus weekly horoscope column. [Naples, FL, USA]

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