Key Resources

 Live Astro & Tarot Link Astro Live Link: [Jonathan Cainer et al] How to speak to a live reader who works with Tarot & Astrology. Check helpline to get the right reader for you. [London, UK, USA & Australia]

Ancient Manx Symbol Tarot Services[David Craig] Introductory psychic tarot card readings, plus 3 and 7 psychic tarot card readings by legendary professional psychic tarot card reader, David Craig.[Douglas, Isle of Man, British Isles]

Tarot Laura Tarot Laura[Tarot Laura] Online psychic tarot readings by email or by post for a fee or a donation. [Sandown, Isle of Wight, UK]

Orphalese Tarot [Richard Jefferies] Site promoting a tarot shareware program for Windows OS# [Madrid, Spain]

Aeclectic Tarot [Solandia] Online dedication to the diversity & beauty of Tarot. Tarot card images & deck reviews, Tarot readings, learning resources & forums. [Brisbane, Australia]

TarotPageTarotPage[Luzia] Tarot card readings online, pick your own cards from a random shuffled tarot deck and look up your personal Guardian angel's name. - [Orlando, FL, USA]

Tarot Cycles [M.Tamar] offering personal coaching and spiritual healing in a guided reading of your tarot card reading. - [Eugene, OR, USA]

Lotus Tarot [Alison Day] Positive & insightful tarot readings bring clarity and understanding to events in your life plus learn tarot course, card meanings & discussion forum~ [Victoria, SC, USA]

Intuitive Readings and Healings [Sondráya] Astrology, Palm Readings, Tarot Cards, AstroCartoGraphy, Brazil John of God Journeys. Internationally known - transformational, inspirational & self empowering. [Louisville, KY, USA]

Psychics,Mediums & Tarot Community Chat [Kelly Schimmerhorn] Psychic Medium, Tarot Chat online psychic community for psychic chat. [Alvin , TX, USA]

Tarot Card Readings by Rita [Loretta Smith] Accurate and inspiring. The path you choose today will map your tomorrow. [Quartzsite, AZ, USA]

Psychic Pauline [Pauline Schaefer]psychic readings, tarot cards, palm readings, plus help with love, marriage, and all of life's problems. [Whippany, NJ, USA] [Geana Jones] E-mail or postal card readings sent in love and light, Fairy, tarot, or oracle guidance bright, No fees, just a voluntary donation. [Ellesmere Port, England]

Tarot :: Tarot Reading [Jai Bhatra] On-line tarot readings. Consult tarot for help and advice on love, relationships,insight, future predictions. [Hyderabad, India]

The Cards of Destiny[Alison Hughes] Explore the time-honoured divinatory technique of reading playing cards originating from the ancient order of the Magi.[Cheshire, UK]

Dr Kioni Dr. Christos Kioni, PhD [Rev. Dr Kioni Fuller] Doctor of Metaphysics and consultant. Tarot readings at Keen and Yahoo. New Age R&B on Live365. . [Cocoa, FL, USA]

NZ Psychic Readings from [Kim] Clairvoyant, mediumship, tarot, psychic telephone readings plus classes on dream interpretation & psychic development# [Christchurch, New Zealand]

The Naked Gyspy Mystical Community/Resource [Sue Campbell] Madame Suzanne offers a free 3 card reading, for answering a question. Also full reading by e-mail & horseshoe tarot reading for those new to tarot. [Crossfield, Canada]

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