EQUINOX [UK & European HQ] has relocated

EQUINOX [UK], astrology.co.uk and all our British and International (outside the USA and Australia) web and mail order now operates from the Isle of Man. After building work in 2001, The Astrology Shop in [Neal Street, Covent Garden,] Central London now trades as a shop unit only (without offices at the back).

Unless you are in the USA or Australia, please send all correspondence (with the exception of book and software enquiries) to our new Manx address (see below) and please use our new telephone numbers.

Our core business, the EQUINOX Personal Horoscopes, charts and the lunar phase calendars, the Astro*Carto*Graphy maps and the Astro*Intelligence Psychological Interpretations by Liz Greene and Rob Hand will be compiled from our new offices in the Isle of Man.

All these charts can also still be prepared on the spot from the Astrology Shop and at major metaphysical Expos in key cities in the UK, Ireland, USA, and Australia. Besides preparing personal horoscopes, The Astrology Shop in Covent Garden continues to stock a large range of astrology books, software and heavenly gifts.

The Move

The Isle of Man is a beautiful and mystical island in the Irish Sea midway between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Though it is part of the United Kingdom, it has an independent government with over 1,000 years of rule and its own laws. It has a strong economy and full employment. Being a world-renowned financial centre, the island enjoys first class telecom and postal systems.

Our move to this out of town location, will give my wife, Karen and me, more space and quiet to focus on our customers and develop our range of interpretations. Meanwhile, the Astrology Shop will be able to give visitors more personal attention rather than be distracted by the telephone and web business.

Back to being an Astrologer

Instead of running a shop, I want to go back to being an astrologer. I hope to devote my time to research and creative pursuits like writing astrological text. With the time to spare, I plan to develop and extend the Equinox range of interpretations to be years ahead of any other comparable horoscope.

How to contact Equinox

  • USA/Canada [Toll Free]: 1-800 627 7464 [Live from 4am to 7pm EST] 1-800 627 7464 [24/7 voicemail]
  • To leave messages with our Oregon office Tel: 503.296.2069 * Fax: 503.296.2069
  • From Australia or New Zealand, use our Sydney office Tel: (2) 9475 0175 * Fax: (2) 9475 0175.
  • All other correspondence should go to The Mill House, Santon, Isle of Man IM4 1EX, British Isles.
  • From within the British Isles: Telephone: 01624 827000. Freephone for orders 0800 834861
  • From outside the British Isles: Telephone: +44 1624 827000
  • For Personal Horoscopes, Charts, & Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps contact us or go to chart selection page.
  • For Lunar Calendars contact or go to Lunar Calendar page.
  • For Books, Software, Celestial Products and product information
  • Equinox will be exhibiting at a number of major Whole Life Expos or Mind, Body and Spirit festivals.
  • Also, Equinox have a network of licensees with shops in cities including London, Vancouver and Dublin.

Robert Currey, DF Astrol.S.

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