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Southern Hemisphere Moon Calendar

Equinox Lunar Calendar 2014

Moon logo Respond to the Lunar Cycles ... Moon Calendars for 2014
Moon logo Beautiful Silver-on-Blue screenprinted design
Moon logo Exact Times for Lunar Phases & Zodiac Sign changes
Moon logo Unique, Original Gift that won't break the bank
Moon logo Size of the Moon Phase Calendar is 30 by 81 cms (12 by 32 inches).
Moon logo Choice of Southern Hemisphere or Northern Hemisphere depiction of the Moon.

Price: AUS$12 GB£5 US$10 plus postage & packing in recycled cardboard tubes.
Post and Packing for Moon Phase Calendars per address: Aus$4.50/GB£1.50/US$3.50 world-wide.
Over 10 Calendars to the same address and the postage is free.
Discount for quantity (set out on order form) & Trade Enquiries Welcome

To receive your Lunar Calendar in a navy blue cardboard tube, order on-line:

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